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What readers have said about John Stone's books.....

  • “I would recommend reading this book (Cultivating the Divine) for the insight one can gain into their own dreams as a source of learning and spiritual growth. And I hope all readers will appreciate the understated depth of wisdom offered by the author as he shares his dreams, visions and gifts. His message is delivered in a very sincere manner which readers will definitely appreciate and find endearing.”
    Kim Bold
  • “Daring To Dream is an excellent and inspirational guide that helps the reader set a foundation in his soul whose stability supports Lucid Dreaming and Astral experiences.
    I was particularly intrigued by the chapters on undertaking a Vision Quest, and I have been inspired to plan my own.
    Kudos to an author that wonderfully communicates from personal experience a means of personal transformation in others.”
    Walt B.
  • “This book came at the perfect time in my life. John Stone has created a clear and concise addition to anybody's spiritual journey, even if you don't yet know that you're on one.”


Dream Teacher, John Stone

Although raised in the city, John Stone was introduced to the outdoors as a young child and often enjoys spending creative time, walking amongst the life-giving trees of the forest. It is there where he finds the inspiration for his writing and teaching. Citing two of his greatest life influences as an apprenticeship to a female Shaman and an eleven-year study with spiritualist/medium, the late Carla Neff Gordan, he spends his spare time writing, hiking Native Lands and teaching people how to have spiritual visions and dreams..

He presently lives in the high desert of New Mexico and makes his living as a dream teacher, writer and web tech.

John Stone, Dream Teacher.


My Teacher

  • The Late Carla Neff Gordan


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